WWW.GIAPPHAM.COM (Giap Pham Dot Com – Giap Pham Blog ”) is a personal webblog that has been operating since November 14, 2018 and is being operated / developed by the founder Giap Pham.

Activity goals

First of all, Giap Pham Blog acts as a website that provides knowledge on using open source WordPress to build a website with many different needs such as weblog, news, sales page, business introduction. If you are here but do not understand what WordPress is, then take a look at Why use WordPress.

In addition to WordPress, Giap Pham Blog also provides information and tutorials related to the field of website making such as using servers, introducing useful tools, evaluating hosting services, and SEO.

The main goal of the established blog is to share information that the founders know and want to share. At the same time, the blog always welcomes and welcomes the contributions of the members to provide a more diverse article.

Principles of operation

Giap Pham Blog operates with immutable principles such as:

  • Provide article content for free.
  • Only recommend the best quality tools / services.
  • Update content and support readers fastest.
  • Create a healthy environment for exchange of knowledge, say no to acts of piracy.

Privacy issues

Readers’ privacy matters are very important to Giap Pham Blog. In accordance with global internet usage regulations, we are committed to not storing the sensitive personal information of our visitors, nor will we ever ask for your personal information except when needed (send link). Contact us, subscribe to the newsletter, do surveys).

We will use cookies as a method of marking visitors ‘information such as browser type, gender, time of visit, how often they visit the page, etc. in order for us to understand our readers’ needs to develop better content.


Giap Pham Blog allows readers to comment freely as a small forum. In the comment area, readers can ask or comment / feel about the article content. But, in order to avoid annoying and influencing others, we reserve the right to delete comments in case of force majeure.


In order for Giap Pham Blog to work forever according to our criteria, we will have ways to generate income here, such as:

  • Affiliate – Referral links to products that we recommend. We never encourage our readers to use poor quality services.
  • Sponsored Post – In some cases, we will accept to post content from partners who accept to support us with financial matters, these content will still be felt as suitable to the needs of readers. fake at Giap Pham Blog. The content of this advertisement will be labeled “Sponsored” in the title of the article.
  • Banner Ads – On some locations of Giap Pham Blog, we will place some banners from Google Adsense to maintain the domain name and hosting for this blog.

However, we always commit that displaying / publishing ads will not disturb readers.

Your presence on social media

Currently Giap Pham Blog has a number of social networking channels to interact with readers such as:

Best regards.

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