Best Hosting Provider 2021

To have a fast website, choosing the best hosting provider is most important. Hosting is where you store all the website content, everything you want to convey to the visitors is located here.

best hosting provider

Unlike Domain Names rarely having problems, anywhere cheap, reputable service, good customer care and especially introduced on Giap Pham, please register comfortably. As for completely different Hosting, all problems and problems arise mostly from Hosting that comes from.

Therefore, choosing a hosting provider with good quality, long-term use is extremely important !!!

In my experience, you should first factor quality, stability, then price. Because if you choose a poor quality hosting provider, there will always be a headache because the website is inaccessible, this error, that error, losing visitors, losing orders…

With a good hosting provider, you do not have to waste time worrying about technical issues, but just focus on developing content, building ideas, taking care of customers, promoting website, developing. only business.

Not only directly using Hosting for many years, I also use tens of thousands of user reviews to synthesize articles to introduce the best hosting registration addresses to use for your reference. These are hosting packages with unlimited capacity, bandwidth, using an SSD hard drive, installable with almost all types of PHP code, with unlimited domain plans or free domain name giveaways.

1. Hawk Host

Hawk Host is the only hosting provider located in Hong Kong and Singapore, providing very fast access speed to Vietnam, without fear of breaking the cable. Many of you who registered to use the Los Angeles location also responded that the server is quite terrible, the online site is high but still runs fast.

best hosting provider

Hosting at Hawk Host is quite good quality, especially there are always promotions (including lifetime discounts), sometimes even big promotions up to 60%.

Shared hosting packages are very diverse, with unlimited domain names and bandwidth usage, the first package is limited to 10GB only. From the following packages, there is no limit to the capacity.

Hawk Host has 2 Semi Dedicated packages, which are also Shared Hosting, but with a higher configuration, more beefy, designed exclusively for websites with a large number of visits, online. In particular, you can choose a Singapore datacenter with Semi Dedicated, for the best speed to return to Asia.

Hawk Host was one of the early sponsors of the free SSL Let’s Encrypt should include this certificate in cPanel very soon. With just a few clicks, your website will instantly be upgraded to HTTP to HTTPS, faster website access speed, and improved keyword rankings on Google.

One difference of Hawk Host is that you are supported with Memcached and Redis Cache technology for free, which greatly speeds up your website. Not many hosting providers support this state-of-the-art technology, remember to activate it when using it.

HawkHost uses Litespeed Web Server to support Litespeed Cache, giving the processing speed 900% faster than Apache when processing static data and 50% faster when processing PHP requests. You must read the article on optimal Hosting, maximum speed when using Hawk Host.

Customer care, support here is highly appreciated, responded quickly, and dedicated support. Some departments are not available 24/7 (for example Sales) so you may need to wait until evening for responses to be processed.

Access to Hawk Host here


  • Website:
  • Promotional price: from $2/month with 10% coupon when paying for 3 years
  • Free domain name: No
  • Server Vietnam: Viettel, FPT
  • Latest promotion: Updating…

AZDIGI provides mainly Hosting and VPS / Server services, founded by Thach Pham, a famous blogger with many in-depth WordPress tutorials on This is a rare Vietnamese service provider that Giap Pham believes in the recommended list.

best hosting provider

Having a lot of experience using WordPress, it is obvious that the Hosting system of AZDIGI is built to support this platform, helping the website operate stably and smoothly. A lot of technologies used by AZDIGI are integrated in Web Hosting that many long-standing companies can hardly keep up with.

All Hosting packages use Full SSD RAID-10 hard drive providing outstanding data read and write performance, maximum data safety, for the fastest page loading speed. Free SSL certificate, simple activation. Daily automatic backup, 99.9% uptime commitment with 24/7/365 support.

AZDIGI also uses Litespeed Web Server which supports Litespeed Cache like StableHost and Hawk Host. You should also read the article hosting optimization guide, helping to maximize speed when using AZDIGI.

Although the company is newly established, still facing many difficulties, there are many customers who trust to use the long-term service here. With good customer care service, I strongly believe in the development of AZDIGI, which will create a quality service in Vietnam.

If you need to use Hosting and VPS services of local providers, AZDIGI is the best choice today.

Access to AZDIGI here

3. StableHost

StableHost is a very famous hosting provider today not only because of its stable quality, high uptime but also because the hosting price here is quite cheap.


With its spectacular return in Singapore location, using Amazon’s brand new server for very fast speed back to Vietnam, StableHost is slowly regaining users’ trust.

When registering for Web Hosting, customers in Vietnam can choose a Singapore location for fast page loading speed or Phoenix, US and use CloudFlare with Vietnam datacenter to have a powerful server configuration, abundant resources. still have fast speed. Servers in Singapore have a lower configuration than Phoenix, use Apache and Nginx backend as the frontend, not Litespeed like in Phoenix.

All shared hosting packages at StableHost use SSD hard drives, with unlimited bandwidth and usage capacity. From PRO package up, there is no limit on the number of domains, so how many websites on 1 hosting package do you want to do.

In addition to regular Shared Hosting, StableHost also has a PLATINUM (ENTERPRISE) package with enterprise-class quality, suitable for sites with a large number of visits, large online, and need to configure buffalo.

StableHost location Phoenix uses Litespeed Web Server which supports Litespeed Cache, for 900% faster processing speed than Apache when handling static data and 50% faster when processing PHP requests. Remember to read the article on how to optimize Hosting when using Hosting here. Make sure that after doing so, the website has a great load speed.

StableHost’s cPanel has integrated Let’s Encrypt, with just a few clicks you will instantly have SSL for your website, helping to increase SEO rankings while enabling HTTP / 2 to speed up page loading. This is an inevitable trend, no matter what kind of website should use SSL.

Access to StableHost here

Have you ever used these 3 providers, or know which other hosting providers are better, please share your experiences by leaving a comment below.

In case the website has a lot of visits and a lot of online traffic, Shared Hosting will not meet the necessary resources for the website to operate smoothly. At this point, you will have to upgrade to VPS. See also: The best VPS provider

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