Best VPS Provider of 2021

When your website has increased traffic over time and the cheap shared hosting or hosting package is no longer in use, it is time to upgrade to use VPS. This article I will introduce to you the best VPS Provider of 2021.

best vps providers

With the advantage of VPS’s resources (CPU, RAM) is greater than shared hosting, the load capacity of VPS is very good. If you know how to configure well, with only 2GB RAM VPS (~ $ 15 / month) you can get up to 2,000 people online at the same time. The cost is much cheaper than when using cheap shared hosting or hosting.

Currently there are many VPS providers with different plans, prices and quality. If you are wondering where to use VPS, please refer to the list below.

On my side, there is a Service Install VPS Server in a full package, professionally and quickly. If you do not have much experience with VPS, or do not want to spend a lot of time installing, use the service.

Best VPS Providers of 2021

This list I prioritize the highest quality first.

1. Vultr

This is the Cloud Server provider I encourage everyone to use first. The price here is very cheap, good VPS quality, high uptime, I use the blog Giap Pham uptime up to more than 1 year without having any problems at all.

The lowest package with only $2.5/month is 512MB of RAM, 500GB of bandwidth to use for a small and medium website. No other vendor dares to offer this price and configuration equivalent.

In addition, the VPS here is calculated by the hour, if not in use you can delete the VPS, will not be charged. Very suitable for those who are new to VPS and want a place to practice.

Currently, Vultr is present in 15 cities spread around the world, especially the download speed is very fast.

vps vultr

Vultr has many different types of servers:

  • Vultr Cloud Compute: Suitable for general purposes, as a web server, high-end enterprise configuration.
  • Storage Instance: With large capacity, moderate configuration, suitable as a storage server.
  • Dedicated Instance: using FULL 100% of CPU resources, SSD Drives, RAM; Suitable for large systems, huge online visit websites that need a lot of resources.

For those who need to use Windows VPS, you can use Vultr’s Custom ISO function to install it yourself. Very few vendors allow to install OS from ISO file as in Vultr.

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2. Linode

Started in 2003, Linode is now one of the most famous VPS providers in the world.

After the doubling of RAM, the price is unchanged to celebrate the 13th birthday, VPS in Linode is very cheap. Plus good quality, high uptime and enthusiastic support, there’s no reason why you don’t use the service here.

For those who are new to VPS, should not be used in Linode because the administrator of this provider is a bit difficult to use compared to Vultr and DigitalOcean.

Currently, Linode is present in 8 major cities spread over 3 continents.

vps linode

Currently, Linode has 2 types of cloud servers:

  • Standard Plans: Suitable for general purposes, as a web server, high-end enterprise configuration.
  • High Memory Plans: Extremely RAM, suitable for tasks that need a lot of computation such as Database, Caching …

3. Hawk Host

This year 2021 I have added the name Hawk Host to the list of VPS providers to use, because last year I witnessed a huge change in the Cloud Compute service segment here.

vps hawk host

Refusing to accept success with Shared Hosting, which is always in the TOP Hosting best for use in 2021, Hawk Host is expanding with Cloud Compute to attract customers, especially in hot growing areas. Asia Pacific.

They have changed the entire service compared to the previous time, increased storage capacity, optimized SSD for higher speeds at the same price. Compared with the famous Vultr, the Hawk Host price list is not inferior to the same amount, but the SSD capacity of Hawk Host is larger than that of Vultr.

There is a special feature that few people know about Hawk Host’s Cloud Compute service, which is that the data here is multiplied by 3 copies (triple replication), in which the main data uses the SSD drive, and the backup data is used using a hard drive usually HDD (but still running RAID10). This ensures no matter how severe the hardware failure is, just restarting the server and all data will be automatically restored quickly.

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With the newly opened Hong Kong location at the end of 2020, Vietnamese customers can now register Cloud Compute in the location of Hong Kong or Singapore, in which Hong Kong is not afraid of the problem of undersea fiber. All of the providers in Giap Pham’s recommended list, only Hawk Host have a Hong Kong location.

Access to Hawk Host click here.

4. RamNode

Speaking of VPS, it is impossible not to mention Ramnode, the provider that regularly ranks #1 in the quarterly VPS rankings of the Low End Box page.

Unlike the 3 providers above, Ramnode offers both KVM and OpenVZ VPS at quite cheap prices, especially OpenVZ. I currently use many VPS. The lowest one for very cheap backups is $ 13.5 / year which is fine to use.

The advantage of Ramnode is that there are very diverse VPS packages suitable for many different uses.

However, currently Ramnode has only 5 datacenter, no location in Singapore or Japan, so when you register, choose the location Seattle or Los Angeles will have the best speed in Vietnam. The good thing is that all locations can register additional anti-DDoS IP, up to 10 Gbps.

ramnode location

5. Dediserve

Dediserve is one of the few cloud server providers with locations in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, providing very fast access from Vietnam.

If not, you can choose datacenter with other locations in the US and EU. In total, Dediserve has 17 locations in the world.

Dediserve Locations

The entire cloud server here uses KVM virtualization platform, SSD hard drive.

I have had the opportunity to use servers in Dediserve, location Hong Kong and US for good and stable connection speed.

All 5 suppliers above are of very good quality, please prioritize your selection when needed. Hopefully with the above general article you will choose the right VPS to use.

Have you ever used these 5 providers or know the better VPS providers, please share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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