Currently, there is no law protecting intellectual property rights about the content of websites on the internet, only individuals and organizations respect each other’s efforts.

Any individual who publishes the article also wants to be respected by others for their efforts, we do not want the content on our website to be used for the wrong purpose, affecting the reputation and brand. people / groups / organizations.

I. Image copyright

The image we use is sourced from google, it is your copyright image and you don’t want it to show up on our website, you can prove it to you and we will have it taken down.

In addition to the images on the images that we edited and edited, they could be considered Giap Pham Blog’s own images, do not want that image to be used as a profit.

II. Copyright of the article

1. holds the copyright for all content in the blog and is fully responsible for the copyright of the article.
2. You are not allowed to use the content on for commercial purposes such as printing, circulation for employees / customers.
3. You are allowed to re-use but not arbitrarily edit the content, sentences to avoid misleading readers.
4. Any reuse must be clearly stated Article source from

Compliance with the above rules is based on the goodwill of both parties, without the protection of any agency / organization, so compliance with the above rules is a respectful way to

Best Regards.

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