What is the difference between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org?

When it comes to WordPress above, you will likely see two search results on Google when searching for the term WordPress, and However, all tutorial articles at are for, so I would like to talk through the difference between and so that you can understand more about it.

What is WordPress.Org?

What is WordPress.Org?

WordPress.Org is the website address of the WordPress source home page, where you can download the WordPress source code installer and install it on your own host and then freely customize and administer. Self-installed version is often referred to as self-hosted WordPress.

The reason that I encourage you to use self-hosted WordPress is because we have full administrative rights because it is saved and run on our own host, using your own domain name like, you are free Install any WordPress theme you have, install plugins, and customize with advanced skills.

What is WordPress.Com?

What is WordPress.Com?

WordPress.Com is the website address of a free blogging service on the WordPress source code platform. This is also an Automattic product, but specializes in serving users who just want to have a fast WordPress website without any installation, no need to hire a host and the cost to use a private domain is $25/year.

However, with this service, you do not have the right to install external themes, but only depend on free themes in the supported WordPress.Com theme library. Just like you can not install plugins, only use the available features of WordPress. So if you are using WordPress.Com and see the tutorials at, you will not be able to follow.

If you have a need to convert to WordPress.Org, after completing this series you can manually transfer your content from WordPress.Com to WordPress.Org following this guide.


At the end of this article, I want to summarize that if you want to use WordPress professionally, then use WordPress.Org by following the basic WordPress learning series for better freedom of customization.

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