Hawk Host upgrade Hosting with 3 times the read and write speed, doubled VPS bandwidth

It has been a long time that Hawk Host has any new promotions, but today I see information about Hawk Host upgrading its Hosting and VPS.

hawk host upgraded hosting

Hawk Host Upgrade Hosting

Hosting services supported for free upgrade this time include Shared, Reseller, and Semi-dedicated Hosting; IO limit read and write speed limit has been increased to 3 times compared to before, and takes effect now.

IO Limit limits the ability to read and write data of each Hosting account, preventing the shared server from being overloaded because a certain website is overactive. In recent years, Hawk Host has converted the hard drive storage from traditional HDD with slow read and write speed to a solid state drive SSD with NVMe technology for very fast read and write speeds, thus helping the website load content quickly. better, retain visitors better.

Gioi han IO limit moi Hawk Host

The new 15MB/sec IO limit has been applied to all Hosting services here, you can check directly in the Statistics section when logging into cPanel, I / O Usage. The new higher limit allows the website to operate at full capacity, bear higher online traffic load, or perform heavier tasks without the error message exceeding resources.

VPS Hawk Host doubles the bandwidth

Not stopping there, the VPS (Cloud Compute) service of Hawk Host has just been upgraded to double the bandwidth used, too terrible. The new parameters are as follows:

Bang thong VPS moi VPS

I am currently using the 8GB location Hong Kong package to run a Woocommerce website for my company, I must say that the speed is too fast like VPS in Vietnam, but the price is much cheaper. You can see the specifications of the VPS Hawk Host 1GB package in early March, I bought it to test it, it was delicious, so I suggest the company to switch to buying an 8GB package for use.

VPS Hong Kong Hawk Host
Specs of VPS Hawk Host server Hong Kong

Hawk Host currently has VPS location in Hong Kong which is trusted by many VPS users. The price here is similar to other famous suppliers in the world, the difference is that the management system is not equal. I just need the IP with the root password to use it, the other management features are just secondary so I don’t care much.

If you have never experienced Hawk Host VPS, please try it out.

Access to Hawk Host here:

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