Introducing VPS location Hong Kong at Hawk Host 2021

Hosting in Hong Kong only thinks of Hawk Host, but did you know that with VPS location Hong Kong at Hawk Host also offers extremely attractive plans?

VPS location Hong Kong Hawk Host

Hong Kong and Singapore are two places with very good data access speed from Vietnam, even without much difference compared to servers located in Vietnam. However, due to the high cost and expensive materials, the service prices here are usually higher than the common ground in other places.

VPS location Hong Kong

With VPS in Hong Kong, so far I have not had many choices other than some old names like Dediserve, HostUS, HostHatch. But now we have one more quality supplier at a better price, the Hawk Host.

On the Hawk Host homepage, there are 2 services with different names: Cloud Compute Hosting and Cloud VPS Hosting, these two are essentially 1, no difference at all. With the COMPUTE LOCATION option of Hong Kong, VPS service pricing starts with a $ 5 package with specific parameters as follows:

$5 / month $10 / month $20 / month
20 GB Disk Space 40 GB Disk Space 60 GB Disk Space
1 GB Ram 2 GB Ram 4 GB Ram
1 CPU Core 1 CPU Core 2 CPU Core
1 TB Bandwidth 2 TB Bandwidth 3 TB Bandwidth

There are also 2 packages of $40 and $80 if needed, you can see more on the Hawk Host website.

Note: Should register to buy VPS 1 year to get the best price.

Package $5 with the above configuration parameters is more than enough for a small and medium website. Some of the notable pieces of information are that the hard drive here uses the blazing-fast Enterprise Grade SSD; KVM virtualization platform; server connection 40Gbps, shared port is 1Gbps; The CPU shows that it says Intel Xeon, but the package I’m testing is using AMD EPYC.

VPS Server here is managed directly on the Client Area system with a simple interface and some basic features, without a separate management system like other professional server service providers. For the average user, I don’t think it will be a problem because it is enough for use.

vps hawk host hong kong

The biggest obstacle for those who want to switch to VPS is to learn more knowledge about VPS, Server. However, with the Control Panel VPS that I introduce here, everything is much easier than before. With just one copy / paste, you have the server ready to use.

With the advantage of locating a server in Hong Kong, you will have fast access speed, with many terrestrial and marine cables connected to, so there is no problem of broken fiber. Giap Pham tried to order using the 5 $ plan, here is the image and speed of VPS for your reference:

speed test vps hong kong hawkhost

In general, Cloud VPS service at Hawk Host has a very reasonable price and is worth using. Have you ever used VPS here for a long time to share more experiences by leaving a comment below. In addition, if you are interested in Hawk Host’s Hong Kong hosting, you can get the exclusive discount code Hawkhost Hong Kong from Giap Pham here.

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